Six months after the drinking-related death of a 19-year-old student in September and the more recent drinking-related hospitalization of a 20-year-old student, Rutgers University is banning fraternity and sorority parties...for three weeks. Whereupon students will have totally learned their lesson about binge-drinking. Good job, everyone.

Rutgers bestowed this heavy-handed punishment upon its 86 fraternities and sororities this week, citing the aforementioned alcohol-fueled incidents. "Rutgers takes seriously its commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe campus environment,” the university said in a statement. The ban—which does not include Greek life spring formals—is intended to last for the rest of the semester. And while that's ostensibly devastating for the Solo-cup crowd, it's worth noting that the spring semester ends on May 4th, so the campus will have to suffer without Boats 'n Hoes soirees for less than a month.

Not that kids aren't bummed, though it seems at least a few recognize that a brief party ban won't do much to protect the student body, even if it makes the administration look like they're doing something. "It’s a dangerous step for Rutgers, because that doesn’t mean parties are going to stop happening. It means they’re going to stop happening in their lettered houses,” one frat brother told CBS 2. “But every fraternity has a satellite house somewhere in New Brunswick in a less safe place, and they’re just going to have their parties there instead.”

Rutgers isn't the only school to stick a band-aid on the frat problem, and it's unclear whether Greek parties will be back in binge-drinking business once classes resume in the fall... Eh, who are we kidding, it's perfectly clear.