There is now a $12,000 reward for anyone who can help bring justice to whoever brutally murdered 88-year-old Bronx grandmother Evelyn Shapiro in her apartment on Saturday. Making things harder for the police? There were no security cameras at the 2455 Williamsbridge Road building where Shapiro was slain.

Currently the police are theorizing the murder was a push-in robbery, perhaps incited by the fact that Shapiro wore, according to neighbors, "an insane amount of jewelry" when she went out—she was apparently worried it would be stolen if she left it at home!

Shaprio was discovered just inside her apartment on Saturday morning with grocery bags still packed and strewn about her body on the floor. She was found by her daughter and grandson who had been unable to reach her the day before. Her apartment, where she had lived for more than 60 years, had been ransacked.

Neighbors talking to the Times seemed particularly upset about the news, describing Shapiro as a woman who "had her wits about her, she was cognizant of her surroundings."

Anyone with information on the attack is urged to call Crimestoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.