Last week, we published a photo of a car in Brooklyn plastered with a ridiculous amount of offensive bumper stickers. Some readers thought the picture was photoshopped, which photographer Lisa Gibbs vehemently denied. Since then, we've had several people write us to confirm that the car is real with more photos, as well as some personal accounts of running into the person who owns the car. "So me and my friend saw the same car a couple of weekends ago in Brooklyn on Ocean Parkway," said Matt Y. "My friend couldn't believe it and gave the guy a dirty look. The guy was pretty boastful and asked, 'what do you think of what I did?' He was then told that it was fucking ridiculous."

Matt Y

Above, you can see the photo Matt took of the car. Reader ByePluto also spotted the car (sporting a couple different stickers) in January, which you can see on his Tumblr.

Jewish hip-hop artist Y-Love, aka Yitz Love, told us he's had more direct interactions with the driver.

The guy's name is Heshi Fried (no relation to the Jewish comedian/writer of similar name). I had the personal misfortune of running into him at last year's Pride parade, where he was standing with a sign protesting the abomination on 5th avenue. He has been known to bring stuffed animals along to Pride to protest society's decline towards bestiality.

Love currently lives in LA, but lived in Boro Park for a couple years and was an ultra-Orthodox Jew for a decade. He told us his friend ran into Fried in February in Boro Park handing out the stickers which currently adorn the back of his car (you can see the picture of one below).


Fried runs the fringe Hasidic group Jewish Political Action Committee—in 2011, they launched an "awareness campaign" to save the children from "gay married molesters," using similar signage and slogans as the bumper stickers. The group has largely doesn't seem to be taken very seriously, and recently deleted all the posts on their site (or are in the process of moving it to a new one).