The U.S. Attorney's Office found a reason to party up this weekend as they announced that they're indicting rapper DMX on tax fraud charges.

According to a release from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, DMX, whose legal name is Earl Simmons, turned himself in to law enforcement yesterday and will be indicted today for evasion of payment of income taxes and failure to file a U.S. individual income tax return, among other crimes. The indictment stems from a scheme that X allegedly ran to avoid paying $1.7 million in tax liabilities on money her earned between 2002 an 2005.

In addition to refusing to pay the money he owed the feds, X also allegedly didn't file tax returns on $2.3 million he earned between 2010 and 2015, "largely by maintaining a cash lifestyle." Prosecutors allege that X didn't put money in a personal bank account, instead depositing checks in the bank accounts of managers who then paid his expenses or just gave him cash, all in an effort to avoid paying taxes.

At one point, according to the U.S. Attorney's office, DMX refused to tape an episode of Celebrity Couples Therapy that he participated in "until a properly issued check he was issued was reissued without withholding any taxes."

In the release, the US Attorney's office had some fun with the celebrity catch, writing "But while raking in millions from his songs, including his 2003 hit 'X Gon' Give it to Ya', DMX didn't give any of it to the IRS." The office was so proud of their joke that they even tweeted it after announcing the arrest:

That kind of DMX joke is child's play. The US Attorney's office could have written something like "Simmons has been eatin' long enough now, he should stop being greedy" or "This case demonstrates that the IRS is willing to follow US citizens from the Cradle 2 The Grave if they try to evade their tax liabilities."

This is of course, not even DMX's most exciting arrest. That would undoubtedly be the time that X allegedly tried to steal man's a car in Kennedy Airport, told the man he was an FBI agent, went to his car in a different parking lot and then crashed it through the lot's gate while also telling the parking attendant he was an FBI agent. When he was arrested, cops said DMX was also found with a billy club, a number of crack rocks and Oxycodone. His real-life Grand Theft Auto incident wound up costing him a $1,000 criminal fine and $240,000 payout to the man whose car he tried to steal.