The worst of the wind and rain appear to be over but, ugh, we are still wet from our cross-town walk this morning. The beast responsible for the wet weather is an intense low pressure system over the Great Lakes and a tentacle-like cold front stretching from there down the east coast. Ahead of that front there's a secondary low forming, and that storm is going to give the city another shot of rain and wind this afternoon and evenng. The second wave won't be as intense as this morning, but still strong enough for a wind advisory. Today's high may get up to 51 before the cold front arrives.

Behind that cold front is, ta da, lots of cold air. The temperature is going to drop from near 40 tonight through the 30s tomorrow before winding up in the mid 20s Friday morning. You'll want to dress warmly as the winds will be blowing at 15-20 mph through Friday, making it feel like the mid 20s during the day and the teens at night.

Expect plenty of sun Friday through the weekend. Canadian high pressure will keep it cold with highs only in the 30s to maybe 40 on Sunday.