New Jersey residents are calling for the removal of a local police officer who was caught on video threatening to call immigration on a Latino family for no apparent reason.

"Don't worry, I'm going to knock on your door and check you mom and dad's ID and all your fucking cousins," Passaic Police Sgt. Roy Bordamonte told Jasmine Vidal in the video, which was recorded last February but not posted online until this month. "I'm going to have immigration pick everyone up so they could cross back to the fucking border or pueblo or wherever the fuck you came from, and all that hard work they came through to come to America, you fucked it up, you fucked it up."

Watch the video below.

Vidal told NBC that she and her boyfriend said they were sitting on their porch with a friend when Bordamonte drove up in a patrol car. The officer started talking to them—it's not clear why he stopped them or threatened to give them a ticket, though the cop seems to be angry because Vidal's boyfriend asked him to get out of his car when he started speaking to them—and the conversation got heated, leading to the racist diatribe in the video. "You go to school?" Bordamonte can be heard saying. "What are you, fucking special ed? You fucking an idiot. You might be an idiot because you mouthed off. That's why you're going to get this ticket."

Bordamonte technically remains the supervisor of the police department's Quality of Life patrol unit in Passaic, a city that is 70 percent Latino. He also was head of the department's bias crimes unit, investigating racially motivated crimes, until this incident. He has now been taken off street patrol and reassigned to a desk job until an internal affairs investigation is complete.

"Nobody is happy about this," Ray Carrera, a school board trustee and community leader, told North Jersey. "Not the mayor, not me, or anyone else. But we are not ending the Quality of Life unit. If need be we'll give some people sensitivity training."

Hundreds of protesters rallied outside Passaic City Hall last week, demanding that Bordamonte be fired. Over 2,500 people have also signed a petition to remove him from the police force "due to harassment."