2006_08_bellvue.jpgMatthew Colletta, the 34 year old bricklayer from Woodhaven who shot at multiple cars and pedestrians Friday night, killing one and injuring many others, was transfered from jail to Bellevue for psychiatric evaluations. Queens DA Richard Brown said (PDF) that Colletta will be arraigned, whether in court or at Bellevue, in the next few days. The evaluations will also determine whether or not Colletta has the mental capacity to proceed and understand the charges (there are 16 charges, including murder, attempted murder, firing at an off-duty police officer, and weaopns and drugs charges). His lawyer has already said that "His mental capacity is going to play a part in this issue on whether he had the intent to commit these crimes." Colletta was apparently on a coke-and-alcohol fueled binge leading up to the shootings, where he seemingly targetted red vehicles that he thought were driven by members of the Bloods who were following him. His girlfriend, whom he had assaulted on August 20, had thrown him out of her house and Colletta had been living in his car for six days. Because he was in jail for the assault, a source tells the Daily News that perhaps Colletta shouldn't have been released on his own recognizance, since he had prior drug raps.

More stories about the father of three and UPS driver, Todd Upton, who was killed by Colletta's bullet, emerge. Upton was two months away from his 25th service anniversary at UPS and the Post finds out that the Uptons, had they not bought the red minivan last week, would have been in a purple one instead.

And somewhat related, the NY Sun reports that the city has been stalling on handing over information about the city's illegal gun sales investigations.