The bodies of four prostitutes found on Long Island's Gilgo State Beach have other working girls worried, but not enough to get them to stop advertising their wares online. Instead, they tell the News, they're being more careful meeting new johns and taking comfort in the fact that this latest Long Island serial killer seems to have a thing for girls of a Snooki-sized stature (all of the victims but one were under 5" feet).

The biggest tip the girls have is to be extra cautious when working "outcalls." The hookers the News got in touch with screen their clients "like they're applying for a gun," preferring to meet first-time customers in a public space (so "I can see them before they see me") and keeping a friend close by. Sweet White Chocolate, for instance, always has her "master" by her side. She tells the paper the burly man is "like my husband."

All of which sounds like good advice in an age of killers like Phillip Markoff and whoever dumped these latest bodies—in both cases online listings seem to have been how the killer lured their victims.