A woman claiming to be three months pregnant was found to be stashing $20,000 worth of heroin. According to the Daily News, 42-year-old Nigerian national Afolake Awoyemi arrived at JFK last Wednesday from Paris and told Customs officials that the bulge in her "groin area" could be attributed to the miracle of life, but during a partial strip search, the heroin began falling out. Has no one told Customs what happens what a man and a woman love each other very, very much?

Awoyemi's pregnancy test came back negative, and she passed the rest of the 25 pellets in the airport's "Drug Loo." Four pellets are roughly the size of a hot dog. Seasoned drug mules can haul as many as 200 pellets, and some are exploited or threatened into smuggling drugs. Others enjoy it, and should ask their doctor about Muloft.