A double whammy of wet weather looks to be brewing for next week. All indications are that a powerful storm is going to move through the Great Lakes on Wednesday. A storm taking that track generally means warm weather along the East Coast and the current forecast highs range from the lower to upper 50s on Christmas Eve. That sort of system, and a secondary coastal storm it spawns, could bring lots of rain to New York, but it is too soon to have much confidence in any details. Christmas Day in the city will likely be sunny, cool and windy behind the storm.

Moving backward in time, Monday and Tuesday are also looking wet as a series of disturbances are expected to move up the coast along the departing edge of a high pressure system. Tuesday will likely be wetter than Monday and both days will highs in the mid to upper 40s.

The high pressure system that will be departing early next week should arrive overnight tonight. The deck of cruddy stratus clouds will keep this afternoon's temperatures to the upper 30s. Tomorrow is expected to be sunny but the very low sun, the winter solstice is Sunday evening, won't be able to move that temperature dial much above the upper 30s. Sunday is looking cloudy as a shallow layer of moist air moves in from off the ocean.