The 29-page questionnaire responses handed back from potential jurors for the John Gotti Jr. trial proved one of two things—that New Yorkers are still terrified at the idea of having a mob hit put on them or that people will go to great lengths and have no restraints to their salty humor in attempting to get out of jury duty. The News collected some of the more choice quotes from those who don't want to get stuck on the federal prosecution case of Gotti Jr. on for years of Gambino-related criminal activity, including three gangland murders. Jurors who were asked their familiarity with Gotti said things like "his fat family members are murders (sic)," "people involved with John Gotti have mysteriously 'disappeared'," and even "my brother-in-law chose to 'turn states evidence' against (the elder) Gotti and is currently in witness protection." The best line came from a juror who told the courts that a long trial would be difficult since they suffer from hepatitis C and couldn't deal with the fact that "Gotti has blood on his hands."