2005_11_pot.jpgHmm, maybe there is something to the broken-windows theory about crime, you know, that stopping small crimes can lead to stopping bigger ones. Because two police officers pulled over a Dodge Caravan that ran a stop sign in Brooklyn last night, only to discover over 500 pounds of pot. And $25,000 cash. According to reports, the driver tried to run away, but the police apprehended him and the bounty. Marcus King of Florida was arrested for resisting arrest and marijuana possession, because not even the smoothest of talker would have been able to convince the police this was all for NYC hospitals or something along those lines.

But, truth be told, when we first saw this story, visions of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle danced through our head. Here's a link to some of our favorite drug bust stories, from a pot farm upstairs from a downtown day care center to the heroin disguised as furniture.

Photograph from Newsday