Two postal workers, one in Queens and one in Brooklyn, were arrested this month after one was accused of tossing about 1,000 pieces of mail, while the other is accused of stealing gift cards. Though in all fairness, no one from the post office has ever cracked the 50 percent barrier.

Daniel Darby, 25, was allegedly so "overwhelmed" by the holiday mail hitting his Ozone Park route that he ended up throwing over 1,000 pieces of mail into three garbage bags and tossing them in a residential trash can on December 2nd. A second mailman, James Hayden, allegedly stole about 50 gift cards from his route in Brooklyn, including a $100 Visa gift card a Florida woman sent her son in Red Hook.

Police were able to track Hayden down using that gift card's serial number, and cops eventually arrested him on December 21st. Prosecutors say he purchased about $1,000 worth of loot using the stolen cards before he was caught.

Darby and Hayden, both of whom were released on bail, join a long list of postal workers who've been busted for allegedly tossing, hoarding, and stealing mail, but it's not unreasonable for someone in that line of work to get overwhelmed. After all, the mail never stops. It just keeps coming, and coming, and coming...