Pornhub, the popular adult film site responsible for many a New Yorker's "MILF" searches, briefly erected a rather tame billboard in Times Square. But though an advertisement for a porn site would have fit in on 42nd Street a mere 20 or so years ago, the city's long since swapped out the peep shows for a Ripley's Believe It Or Not, and sadly, Pornhub's billboard was removed only hours after its first appearance. We can't have anything fun anymore.

The XXX site—which has also inexplicably launched its own record label hawking rap and "erotic folk"—rented the billboard as part of a new national advertising campaign. And though Pornhub's video collection includes hits like "ATM Overdose Aficionado Vol. 39" and "Backdoor Mom Babysits Teen's Face" [NOTE: These may or may not be real titles, but I'm not clicking through Pornhub at work], the Times Square ad wasn't all that racy. A small child would probably have more questions about Elmo getting carted off by the cops than about this little ditty:

Unfortunately, it seems unknown forces disapproved of Pornhub's ad, and the site tweeted a picture of the now-blank billboard yesterday:

Pornhub says they managed to keep the billboard up for about 24 hours, but the Doubletree Hotel, which owns the building next to the ad, had it taken down. We reached out to the Doubletree Hotel's reps and the Times Square Alliance for comment, but have not heard back.

Don't worry, folks. The site says they're looking for an alternate billboard location, so keep your eyes peeled for Pornhub ads on the M86 soon.