Marist released the results of a massive poll yesterday (below), in which they surveyed 4,500 New York state residents about government consolidation and the state of the state. But inside are some interesting facts about city residents, including that we have the longest tenure than any other region; NYCers live here an average of 28 years. You'll have to drag us out of our tiny, rent-controlled apartments, transplants!

In other news, 63 percent of New York City residents believe in bigger government, and we're generally happy with the quality of public services like the fire department, 911, libraries, drinking water and EMS. However, just 42 percent of city residents are happy with the public school system, and 27 percent say road maintenance is up to par. But the DOT got a Tumblr and everything! Overall, 81 percent of city residents approve of the local government, but just 47 percent see the services provided as a good value for the taxes they pay. Also, 52 of us think that the city is doing a good job when it comes to public transportation. The other 48 percent are Gothamist commenters.

Striking a Balance_April 12 2011