Saturday's Major League Soccer match between the New York Red Bulls and New York City FC drew thousands of amped-up "football hooligans" to Yankee Stadium, where it appears a high concentration of knit scarves and body-mounted drums led, as it so often does, to a bit of violence.

Things began innocuously enough, with ranks of Red Bulls and FC fans divided on opposite sides of the street. There's some hand-waving, some chanting, and your usual marching drum tomfoolery. Shit, however, gets very real very quickly, and what appears to be dozens of NYPD officers were needed to quash the would-be soccer riot. "Fans of New York Red Bulls and New York City FC fought and hurled missiles at each other as police moved in to keep order," the Telegraph reports (it should be noted that "missile" is British English for "empty Poland Spring bottle"). Soccer reporter Garry Hayes took some video of the incident, which you can see below.

And here's where it gets really goo—whoops, never mind.

Soccer is an incredibly complicated, physically-demanding, egalitarian game that doesn't require expensive equipment or complicated rules pedagogy. It brings the world together, whether to cheer in mutual admiration at the physical feats, chant ridiculous club songs, or bond over a shared hatred for a rival.

Having said that, the Red Bulls completely humiliated NYCFC 7-0, so clearly this is kind of a one-sided rivalry at this point.