No one could be blamed for losing their minds a little on the migraine-inducing unavoidable major artery that is the BQE—many who came before us have cursed the name Kosciusko as some karate-techno song drifted through the window during some endless traffic jam caused by a broken down truck...and many after us will as well. But it still doesn't mean you should resort to choking your bus driver for not letting you off in the middle of the bridge.

Unfortunately, that's just what Christian Jesselli is accused of doing late the other night. The 27-year-old allegedly yelled at the driver to pull over as the packed bus traveled near 86th Street and Dahlgren Place in Dyker Heights on the BQE at 12:10 a.m. Thursday. When the MTA bus driver shockingly refused, Jesselli started slapping and choking him. Passengers called 911 and restrained Jesselli, who was charged with attempted assault and reckless endangerment.

To sum up: everyone hates the God-forsaken slabs of concrete that is the BQE. Everyone should be pulling for the BQE tunnel bypass to come to be. But there's no need to be violent about it. Maybe next time, Jesselli should try putting on some relaxing music to take his mind off of the road.