Photos: The Faces Of Occupy Wall Street

<p>"I'm here to see Radiohead, but I really like the cause." Nichole Foster, a recent transplant from Houston, noted that "it's been great talking to people here. I'm actually learning things.<br/></p>

<p>Ian was cleaning up a tub of vegan chocolate chip cookies in the park's makeshift kitchen. "They were pretty good, but the best thing we've had were these potato samosas that a place in Queens donated." Could he remember the name of the joint? "No, but people have been donating some pretty awesome food."<br/></p>

<p>Marty Goodman, a transit worker of 25 years from Washington Heights, said, "I'm here to protest police brutality and the corruption of Wall Street...working people have done nothing wrong."<br/></p>

<p>Sam is still at PS 122 in Queens, but he's totally tapped into what's wrong with this country. "I'm here to foil the 1%, to ruin their plans."<br/></p>

<p>"I don't care if [Radiohead] shows up or not. It's not important." Kyle Brown-Watson has helped coordinate the press efforts in the park for five days. "We've got real work to do, forget a rock band."<br/></p>

<p>"I work around the corner so I thought I'd see what was going on," designer Jane Diaz told us. "I agree with most of it. It's definitely interesting."<br/></p>

<p>"I'm here to bring dry socks to the kids. And I'm too old for Radiohead or a rock concert or whatever," Bebe Delmonico said. Where was she biking from? "My place on the Upper East Side. I bike everywhere in the city."<br/></p>

<p>Sean Potado came from Philadelphia to offer help for a movement "that needs support. Addressing economic inequalities is really important." </p>

<p>Williamsburg resident Christie said, "I'm probably going to be late to my shift" at a Boreum Hill restaurant, "but I'm interested in what people here are talking about."<br/></p>

<p>"It doesn't matter if Radiohead shows up or not...they'll go back to their cushy lives and we'll still be here," Brooklynite Jeremy Baptiste-Toussant tells us. "I don't care for their music anyway."<br/></p>

<p>Radiohead or protest? "A little bit of both I guess. I tried to get tickets for the earlier shows but they were sold out." Alex Nunez lives in Soho as an artist, which is "why I can just come up here in the middle of the day whenever I feel like it."<br/></p>

<p>Stoneybrook resident Bill McNulty once spent six months in federal prison for protesting the policies of the American government. "I'm down here to support these young folks. It's a really diverse group of people who are all fed up to the ears with the inequality in this country."<br/></p>

<p>"This is about accountability, we want our country back," said Hero Vincent, from Charlotte, North Carolina. "The world needs to hear us out."<br/></p>