Over 200 Arrests During Sean Bell Pray-ins/ Protests

<p>Protesters carried these signs.</p>

<p>A woman brings her son to the protest at the Brooklyn Bridge.</p>

<p>Joseph Guzman, hit multiple times during the shooting, joins the protest.</p>

<p>An protester before being arrested.</p>

<p>NYPD taking a photograph of Sharpton after his arrest.</p>

<p>NYPD cops wait and watch from scooters.</p>

<p>Guzman is arrested.</p>

<p>The protest at the Queensboro Bridge.</p>

<p>Protesters outside of Bloomingdale's.</p>

<p>Camera crew captures the sit-in.</p>

<p>A few women were arrested.</p>

<p>A protester is arrested.</p>