We suddenly feel like we know way more about Q69 bus driver Tony then we'd ever, EVER want to know: we were sent the above photos from a tipster, taken at 21st Street and Astoria Boulevard at the southbound Q69 stop. It appears that someone has been waging a one-person campaign against Tony—and this has been going on for several months, per Passive-Agressive Notes.

From what we can make out, the woman is accusing the married Tony of having an affair with her (Tony is a "flirt with all the women every day" and was only "Looking for sex" with her)—and it seems that almost a year later, the scorned woman is still not over the breakup. Most of the flyers cover the same basic arguments, so we've only transcribed one of them below—note that all exclamation points have been lovingly transcribed one by one:

Tony, you are not wanted fool, so get over yourself and get off your "pedistal"!!!!! You only attract sluts like your black bitch!!!!! You use your job to attrack attention to yourself with the woman passengers and have been for a very long time now and have BEEN WITNESSED DOING SO!!!!! All you are looking for is to "score" with the women. You can't seem to control yourself at all. You should not be proud of yourself what-so-ever!!! Shame on the MTA for not handling this problem about you correctly and yes, the public is disgusted as well with you!!!!

Don't kid yourself Tony!!! You and the MTA cannot intimidate people as you are trying to do!!!!!!!!! You are the driver who uses your job to gain the attention of the women passengers, you encourage them to speak too you, stand near you, and you jeopardize the safety of the bus and of all the passengers by having your attention on the women and this is the true fact, which you cannot lie about!!!!!!! You have been seen over and over again with the same conduct and behavior and you are getting worse!!!!! This is why the public and myself are going to complain about you!!! You have the arrogant attitute that you are able to get away with it and that no one is watching?? Stupid [???] its obvious Tony, you need to "lie" about everything in order to save your job!!!!! You also need to have your "desperate slut, Black bitch" ride around...