Hundreds of protesters took to the streets yesterday to mark the first anniversary of Eric Garner's death. But while the majority of demonstrating was peaceful, one man dining al fresco in Chelsea reportedly took issue with protesters interrupting his meal, and lashed out at them as they passed by.

Photographer Nicholas Isabella was on the scene at about 9:30 p.m. yesterday, and says the man went so far as to punch a protester. "The march was traveling south on 7th Avenue in Chelsea. The gentleman was sitting having dinner," he told us of last night's incident. "Apparently he did not like the chants of the march and began yelling at the protesters. He then got up and lunged towards the protesters, punching one of them a few times."

Isabella was unable to capture the moment of the alleged punch, but he noted that while police briefly detained the man, they released him once the march passed and did not detain him. The NYPD tells us they have no report of this incident, but it seems like an eerie echo of what happened during the Freddie Gray solidarity march in April: An irate diner in Chelsea attacked a photographer, telling her he hoped she got raped.

You can peruse photos from the incident above, along with additional shots from protests in the area—see our previous coverage of yesterday's demonstrations here.