Law enforcement announced that six drug traffickers were busted after the authorities seized 105 pounds (48 kilos) of cocaine from a Times Square Hotel and two cars in Midtown last month. The drugs were stuffed into luggage, and one suitcase had 66 pounds of coke in it!

According to the NYC Special Narcotic Prosecutor's Office, the NY State Special Investigation Unit had been surveilling the Crowne Plaza Hotel when they noticed Fernando Alvarado leaving the hotel with a suitcase and getting into a silver BMW on October 25. A little while later, Luis Cuevas-Muniz left the hotel, also with a suitcase, in a livery cab.

Cuevas-Muniz left the livery cab without a success and walked back to the hotel. Investigators stopped the livery cab at 57th Street and 8th Avenue, finding 8 pounds of cocaine in the suitcase. The driver, Roberto Alvarez, was taken into custody.

Then investigators also stopped the BMW at 50th Street and 8th Avenue and found that the suitcase had over 30 pounds of cocaine inside, so they arrested Alvarado and the car's driver, Gerinerdo Hernandez.

Back at the hotel's concourse area, Cuevas-Muniz was talking to another person. Cuevas-Muniz had a suitcase, and, after arresting him, police found that this third suitcase had 66 pounds of coke inside. The other individual fled the scene.

Two others, the men staying in the hotel room where the traffickers had been staying were arrested—Kaleb Altiery-Vazquez and Juane Alverio-Ruiz. Investigators also found "plastic wrappings used to cover kilos of narcotics, multiple plane tickets in the defendants’ names and cell phones. The plane tickets and other evidence indicate members of the group had travelled from San Juan, P.R. to White Plains, N.Y. with a stop in Orlando, Fla."

All six defendants were charged with conspiracy in the second degree and criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first and third degrees. They are being held without bail.