The mayor of New York is just another working slob like the rest of us, so why does he think he's got more important things to do than stand at an intersection waiting for the signal to cross the street? Less than 24 hours after CBS 2 caught Mayor de Blasio's SUV caravan speeding and running stop signs, the NY Post busted Blaz barreling through a crosswalk on foot in defiance of a big red "DON'T WALK" symbol. Guess now he'll be forced to drop his stupid plan to stop psychopathic drivers from painting the streets red with blood.

The Post has video of the incident, which is sure to sicken New Yorkers who have never even considered jaywalking as an option. But now that de Blasio's set such a bad example of pedestrian conduct, who knows how many New Yorkers will start crossing intersections against the signal? Be careful out there, it's going to be chaos!