Acting on a tip, NYPD officers obtained a search warrant to search a Bronx apartment on Wednesday morning and found an AK-47 assault rifle with a 30-round magazine. The rifle was inside an unlocked closet covered by a blue T-shirt, and investigators say there were 62 rounds of ammunition inside of a plastic case located next to a couch.

Three people were arrested at the apartment, which is located at 1160 Forest Avenue, and charged with criminal possession of a weapon: Steven Walker, 27; Victoria Velez, 23; and Emmanuel Rosado, 24.

In June, NYPD Capt. Steven Ortiz took charge of the 42nd Precinct, where the apartment is located, and local residents have praised his responsiveness. "This captain that we have now has shown in the short time he’s been in office that he really cares about the community,” Rev. Joel Bauza, a local pastor and community board member, told DNAinfo this summer. “He actually comes out to the meetings in the community, which is unprecedented."

Nevertheless, so far this year there's more crime in the precinct than there was in 2012; there have been four more murders in 2013 (11 total) than there were at the same time last year, and assault, burglaries and grand larcenies have risen. There have, however, been five fewer rapes so far this year. And now there's one less AK-47 in circulation. [PDF]