Mike Tyson (that dude seriously loves pigeons) was PETA's last target in their war against pigeon racing, and now the organization is taking their campaign to the district attorney and police chief of each county where races occur. Their hope is that an investigation will occur and organizers will be forced to cancel future races.

The group believes these pigeon events planned by the Bronx Homing Pigeon Club, Inc. violate state gambling laws and a state law prohibiting most animal races. They tell us that "according to state law, races that include any bet, stake, or reward are illegal if they involve animals other than horses. Gambling laws further prohibit race organizers or pigeon trainers from making money off such races. The three races planned for this fall all involve registration fees and monetary prizes, and in the past, these races have generated tens of thousands of dollars in side bets."

Then there's the cruelty argument—PETA believes forcing pigeons to race as many as 500 miles away from their roosts is damaging and could even lead to death... like if they don't perform well. PETA VP Daphna Nachminovitch says, "Pigeons are the symbol of peace, but there's nothing peaceful about a 'sport' in which birds are forced to fly hundreds of miles only to have their necks wrung if they don't find their way home fast enough." But we don't think Pigeon Lady would ever pull that.