Proving once again that there's a market for everything, one craiglist user posts this intriguing job offer, titled, "Watch Me to Make Sure That I Study For Law School":

I'm a first year law student but I've been having terrible concentration problems. I need someone to sit with me while I study and make sure that I'm studying. Otherwise I'll waste hours surfing the internet or just thinking about random things. You can be reading the newspaper or doing your own work while you do this, you just need to be sitting at a starbucks table or other location with me. You DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LAW SCHOOL to do this job.
I'll pay more for people that can tutor me in Civil Procedure, Contracts, or Torts.

Now, while those of you who work from home may think you're qualified, Gothamist knows of another demorgraphic who would be really great at this job: Retired mothers or fathers - you know, Grade A nags who will bug you about whether you finished your homework or ask you how your grades are even though you've been working for two years. There was an article in the Times this past weekend about Columbia students studying at Starbucks; in our day, you would find Gothamist at the Hungarian Pastry Shop on Amsterdam and 110th. We'd be studying AND stalking - we're good at multitasking. [Via MeFi, via Rachelle]

Photo from Dawgnet