Photograph of Governor Paterson chatting with 4-year-old Anna Puglisi at the Executive Mansion yesterday by Hans Pennink/AP

Governor David Paterson and wife Michelle Paige Paterson opened the doors of the Governor's Mansion to the public—and the press—yesterday. Politcker NY found the governor "seems to have gotten so frustrated with everything U.S. Senate related that he would rather see a special election to fill the seat." Paterson emphasized he hasn't made a choice yet—but when he does, it's his decision (so stop trying to influence him, various operatives!). Quoting a famous saying from baseball umpire Bill Klein, the governor said, "'It ain't nothing till I calls it'... Pass that along to any of these excited people who think they can influence me."

While Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver's sudden warming to Caroline Kennedy at the Senate pick suggested she might be a lock, the NY Times reports a Paterson associate as saying, "No one around David has been impressed with her performance, and the governor has taken note of how much opposition has developed."

And Paterson is practically over it: "I don't really see it as my choice... I see it as an interim appointment and the public will decide in 2010."