Seems like you can't make a doll these days without horribly offending delicate parents— just yesterday adults were getting all up in arms over a tattooed Barbie, and now, Toys R Us is in hot water for selling a talking doll that some say utters the phrase "Okay, crazy b*tch."

The "Interactive Play and Giggle Triplets" dolls sold at the store make all sorts of nonsense baby noises, but some shoppers have been choking on their own spit when the doll says something vaguely similar to "bitch" ever since discovering it about a week ago. Customers have been lambasting the doll on the Toys R Us site, writing "Inappropriate for little girls. The pink doll says "crazy [*].... to the other dolls. Unacceptable and going back to the store. Very displeased" and "The pink doll calls the other sister "You [*]". I am outraged these darling baby dolls in every other way, are sold by Toys R US. I for one will not shop there until they are pulled." Here's a video of the dolls in action—do you hear anything inappropriate?

Toys 'R' Us spokeswoman Jennifer Albano told ABC that everyone just needs to chill out: "This doll is sold nationwide and we've received very few complaints about it," she said, adding that the complaints the store has received at the store's guest services department were "in the single digits. As with many talking baby dolls what you're hearing is baby babble. Of course we would never sell a doll that would say profanity." There are no plans to discontinue the dolls or pull them from shelves, though ninnypants concerned customers—for instance, outraged tourists in Times Square— can return the offending toy with no questions asked.