2006_01_nixxmarybrown.jpgA seven year old girl was found dead in her Bedford Stuyvesant apartment, beaten to death. Police discovered horrifying details of Nixzmary Brown's short life: A chair with ropes where she was bound, a cat litter box she was forced to use. A detective said, "When all the facts come out on this, it's going to be as bad as Lisa Steinberg." Her stepfather, Cesar Rodriguez, was charged with second degree murder and sexual abuse, and her mother, Nixzaliz Santiago, was charged with manslaughter; Rodriguez reportedly would beat Nixzmary and isolate her from the other children in the family. She was also found weighing 36 pounds - according to weight charts, 7 year olds at the 50th percentile are around 50-55 pounds.

The Daily News headlines one article, Painfully obvious little girl was abused, as Nixxmary was seen with bruises, a black eye, and welts; plus her school notified authorities that she was absent a lot. The Administration for Children's Services says they were in the middle of investigating her case, but as this is the fourth high profile death of a child whose family was supposedly under investigation, the ACS says they will reopen all their cases.