Carl Paladino should be giving himself a pat on the back today; the Republican gubernatorial candidate got through a whole week without any major controversies! Since the only thing he had to do was damage control for was almost peeing himself, he probably has plenty more time to focus all his anger on how his hometown paper, the Buffalo News, endorsed his opponent Andrew Cuomo today: "Of the two major-party candidates, only Cuomo has a chance of bending the state toward rational decision-making...Paladino, by contrast, only has his anger and his money going for him."

They go on to commend Cuomo as a career politician who knows "how to work the levers of power to [his] best advantage," while scolding Paladino for his "despicable comments" on gays and lesbians: "The racist and pornographic e-mails he sent suggest the same about minorities and women. Those are not trifles; they are threshold tests. Paladino flunked." But nothing wards off the sting of rejection like denial; Paladino campaign manager said that the News' endorsement "has always been the kiss of death in Western New Carl's supporters here will come out even stronger." Like Mad Men taught us: "he didn't dump me, I dumped him"