The off-duty officer who was arrested this week after allegedly shoving a J train conductor to the ground had previously been ordered to undergo an anger management program, after he was accused of nearly fatally strangling his 1-year-old niece.

Tremel Davis, 33, allegedly attacked the infant in March of this year. The NY Post reports that he got into an argument with an unidentified individual, put the baby in a headlock while she was sleeping, and let her body dangle, his arm around her neck, while he continued to argue.

The baby survived, but Davis was ordered to take anger management classes and placed on modified duty with the NYPD. He appeared yesterday at a pre-scheduled status conference yesterday for that incident, and his attorney told the judge that that program has not yet been completed.

His timing isn't great—Davis is newly accused of pushing a female conductor into the door frame of the subway's conductor booth on Wednesday, causing her to fall to the ground and injure her arm. He apparently became enraged when she accidentally knocked him with the door while coming out of the cab, and erupted, screaming, "You better apologize!" before he pushed her, and he has since been charged with second degree assault.

The judge who handled Davis's status conference yesterday, Marguerite Dougherty, said he will probably need a stronger program to handle his anger management. “Well, given recent events that we discussed off the record, there is absolutely going to be more that is needed here," Dougherty said in court yesterday, referring to Wednesday's incident. "The classes will no longer resolve this issue." She added, "Try not to get rearrested before you come back."

Davis has been suspended from the NYPD for 30 days in connection with the J train incident. He will return to court on October to address the anger management issue, and in November to address the assault.