2005_08_nyse.jpgEven successful businessman are stupid! Edward Reiss, member of the New York Stock Exchange, was "busted" for leaving a message threatening to kill another NYSE member. And in the brilliant move, Reiss left the message on his "victim"'s lawyer's voice mail. The Daily News reports that he allegedly left a message saying, "[William Higgins] better be careful when he starts his car" (Reiss and Higgins were fighting over the NYSE's merger with an electronic trading system) and the police traced the call to Reiss. Hmm, maybe *69 doesn't work as well as rumored! While Reiss did turn himself in to the police, it really sounds like Reiss had one too many whiskeys and was watching Scarface or Goodfellas one too many times.

And when Gothamist talks NYSE, we must talk about how former NYSE chairman Dick Grasso looks a lot like cartoon character: Exhibit A, Exhibit B.