Richard Haste, the NYPD officer who shot unarmed teenager Ramarley Graham last year, will not be tried for manslaughter after a Bronx grand jury declined to indict the officer. This comes after an earlier indictment was thrown out by a judge last May after an error was made by the Bronx DA's office.

Graham was chased into his home by NYPD officers in February 2012, and was allegedly attempting to flush marijuana down his toilet when officer Haste shot him to death. The earlier indictment was thrown out by a Bronx judge after the Bronx DA instructed the grand jury to disregard whether Haste had been told that Graham was armed. The NYPD did not have a warrant to enter Graham's home.

“My son is dead and this man is walking free,” Graham’s mother, Constance Malcolm, told The Post.

The Police Benevolent Association applauded the decision. "Based on information given by other police officers, Officer Haste felt his life was in danger," said a PBA trustee. Haste had threatened to shoot Graham's grandmother as well, in the moments after killing her grandson.

Officer Haste will face no further criminal charges. A rally against the decision of the grand jury will be taking place today (Thursday, August 8th) at 5 p.m. in front of the Bronx District Attorney’s Office.