2005_12_glogo.gifIn a subject near and dear to our hearts, the NY Times has an article on the G train today and how the MTA is moving the G towards full-time OPTO (One-Person Train Operation) despite increased ridership. Unlike most trains in the subway system, the G is a shorty, operating with four cars at all times and without a conductor on weekends. So while moving to full-time OPTO may not seem like such a change, the article does mention the possible loss of the "G train sprint". The sprint is much more than your typical run for the train. Riders on the G sometimes have to run half the length of the platform to catch the train. Usually when the conductor sees this, they will wait for the sprinting riders, but without a conductor, will the G train sprint become passé? (We hope not because it kind of serves as our daily exercise routine.)

The article also details the horrendous construction schedule that the G has run under this year - 42 weekends of Court Square terminus (as opposed to running to Forrest Hills, several nights and weekends of two segment operation, and the occasional express operation in Queens. Perhaps with the increased ridership on the train and new development along the G, the MTA will reconsider OPTO if only to preserve the G train sprint.

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