At 1-11, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would appear to be an easy opponent for the 6-6 Jets. But with quarterback Mark Sanchez out and the game on the road, the Jets can't count on a pushover. The team's only shot at the playoffs is to win out. Kellen Clemens will need to pick up the first of those wins.

Sanchez has been mistake-prone this season, but he has the arm strength to get out of some of the situations he puts himself in. Clemens looked lost when he took over last Thursday in Toronto against the Bills, but this time he'll have the benefit of a full week's practice with the first team. Maybe that will help.

If the Jets' defense doesn't let veteran quarterbacks embarrass the unit, what chance does rookie Josh Freeman have? So long as the Jets don't turn the ball over or make silly decisions, the Jets should have a big enough margin of error to account for Clemens. But don't expect a walkover. Nothing is easy for this team.