Whoops! Undercover vice cops in Newark are all going to have to receive additional training after one officer was caught on a wire wanking his wang while working a prostitution sting. Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio says he has since placed the six police officers involved in the September 28 operation on administrative duty and now says he will personally approve all future sting operations. Wouldn't want the cops to be having too much fun, eh?

The Star-Ledger got ahold of the police report from the incident and they describe the scene like this:

The woman inside asked him if he wanted a massage. When the officer said yes, she asked him to take off his clothes. He complied, stripping down to his underwear, according to a police report.

But when she asked him if he wanted a "full massage," what happened next set off series of events that has forced a change in the way the department handles undercover operations.

According to the police report, obtained Thursday by The Star-Ledger, the undercover officer—who was wired for sound—pleasured himself as he fondled the 22-year-old woman who was later arrested on prostitution charges.

The officer reportedly paid $40 to touch himself and another $40 to touch the woman's boobs. When trying to explain the incident DeMaio explains that "There is no department protocol in place for what to do in an undercover vice operation. And that’s what we’re going to change. Looking at it, certainly, there’s no bad intentions here on (the officer’s) part. I just don’t think he was prepped properly." DeMaio said the officer was unfortunately just trying to preserve the operation while also trying to "avoid her having physical contact ..."

Union leaders are defending the detectives, saying that they were new transfers to the vice squad and that they hadn't gotten proper training. Sounds to us like their training came from Reno 911!: