Will metal and plastic newspaper boxes be a thing of the past? Gowanus Lounge reports that the Park Slope Civic Council will test a new "modular distribution box" at the corner of Seventh and 9th Street.

The PSCC is working with Brooklyn based company City Solve, which has designed newspaper distribution boxes (pictured). PSCC and City Solve are splitting the cost of the $2,000 box, and Gowanus Lounge writes:

Each box holds eight papers, including free ones. They are designed with sloping tops so that people can't leave things on top of them and with graffiti-proof surfaces. Given the First Amendment issues involved, publishers are asked beforehand to participate in the demonstration project. The ultimate goal is to get the city to fund placement of the newspaper condos as a streetscape improvement measure. Could be a winner.

First bus shelters and newsstands getting spiffier, now newspaper boxes? Will garbage cans and mail boxes be next?