A terminal at Newark Liberty International Airport was briefly evacuated on Saturday afternoon after a suspicious package was found. The item was apparently a pressure cooker.

The Daily News reports, "Alarmed passersby notified cops when they saw a paper shopping bag sitting by itself near a stone garbage can at Terminal A around 4:45 p.m., a law enforcement source said."

The Port Authority announced that the package was cleared by the bomb squad just after 6 p.m.

A TSA agent told WABC 7, "I know it was an old-fashioned pressure cooker it seemed like, I know it wasn't a newer one." From WABC 7:

In an exclusive interview, the TSA agent who found the pressure cooker says it was an alert American Airlines worker doing curbside check-ins who first noticed it. The concern law enforcement workers are facing now is whether this all could have been a dry run.

"It was literally like a shocker, you know? Why would an individual actually leave that curbside? Maybe it was a test run, you never know," adds the TSA agent.

Pressure cookers were used in the Boston Marathon bombing as well as the bombing in Chelsea last September.