2006_06_chuckhillary.jpgSurprise, surprise. When Siena College Research surveyed state voters about its two Senators, it turned out that New Yorkers like Chuck Schumer twice as much as Hillary Clinton. The measure was "which Senator is more effective," which 44% finding Schumer "more effective to Clinton's 22%. In fact, Schumer was rated higher than Clinton is all categories - men, women, whites, Latinos, city folk, suburbanistes - except African-American voters, who preferred Clinton (45% to Schumer's 21%). Even though it's been six years and she has been a pretty shrewd, relatively effective (it's the Senate, after all!) politician, most New Yorkers probably think of her as a carpetbagger - and a carpetbagger with bigger fish to fry than New York State. We'd guess most voters like Schumer more, but probably think of Hillary first.

The Post had the official statements from both camps: Hillary's adviser said, "New Yorkers have two exceptional senators with very strong poll numbers who both deliver for the state," while Chuck's spokewoman said, "Sens. Schumer and Clinton work very hard and it shows: they are a great team for New York."

Do you have a favorite senator?