Hey, it turns out that New York magazine is looking for subway photos from subway riders:

Use your digital camera to take shots of trains, passengers, stations, token-booth attendants, defaced ads, rats in the tracks, supermodels waiting for the downtown local -- whatever captures your fancy underground -- and please email them to subwayphoto@nymag.com by 11 a.m., Wednesday, January 12th for immediate consideration for New York Magazine's next issue. (Images taken between Monday January 10th and Wednesday January 12th will only be considered.)

Please include your name, age, and occupation, as well as the location of each photograph. Images must be no smaller than 2 mg (or 4x5inches at 300dpi).

One idea: Various newspapers on the subway floor (tomorrow's issues, natch), with footprints or breakfast food stains.

Photo from Bluejake of a Vintage Subway Tea Party