A couple of weeks ago, it was brought to the city's attention that a man who bore a striking resemblance to servant of Satan Aleister Crowley had stolen a couple of rare and possibly magical and mysterious books from an Upper East Side book shop. Now the man has been arrested, and investigators say he is just a run of the mill fashion photographer. Or so the official story goes.

According to the Post, fashion photographer Gabriel Hundiashvili was arrested today for swiping two books worth almost $25,000 from PRPH Books on the Upper East Side in April. After cops turned up the heat by releasing footage of their suspect, Hundiashvili allegedly tried to get back in the good graces of PRPH by mailing the books back to them, but it was all for naught.

The books Hundiashvili is accused of stealing were Tibertide Chyromantion Hainz and Champer Duelluh Lyon, which the Times characterized as a humanist book and a palm reading book. My theory of some kind of occultism going on still stands though, as even a writer at Rare Book Hub wasn't able to determine just what the hell Tibertide Chyromantion Hainz is.

Hundiashvili allegedly took his time planning his heist. According to the Times, first he became friendly with a clerk at the store, posing as someone interested in buying books, and made multiple return visits. And then one day he allegedly made off with the two books that went missing, grabbing them from a bookcase. Unfortunately for Hundiashvili, re-selling rare stolen books is more difficult than just popping into a Buffalo Exchange and waiting on line for hours, a consultant for PRPH explained to the Times. “We are a big family. We have quick channels through which we can communicate to each other."

Ostensibly the consultant meant that the world of rare book sellers is a small one, built on communication and also the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers' stolen book database. But until someone can prove to me conclusively that these books don't have deep connections to the howling void below the seas, and that Hundiashvili isn't some reincarnation of Frater Perdurabo, I'm working under the assumption that the consultant actually meant that rare book sellers have their own ways with magic, and they helped cops find the man they sought by whispering to the chattering volumes among their stock.