The state's Department of Education released its lists of the 47 most dangerous schools—both newly dangerous and persistently dangerous—and 40 of them are in NYC, primarily Brooklyn.

Schools were added to the dishonorable list based on student population versus the number of violent or "disruptive incidents," spanning occurrences from drug use and assault to arson, homicide and kidnapping.

Ten Brooklyn schools were identified as newly dangerous, with the Bronx home to nine, Manhattan to seven and Staten Island to two. Seven Brooklyn schools are considered persistently dangerous. Queens and the Bronx have three and two, respectively.

Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina acknowledged the list Thursday while meeting with students and staff at a summer learning program in Cypress Hills, asserting that officials will visit each listed school within the first week of class to conduct a hands-on evaluation. Three schools on the "persistently dangerous" list have already been closed.

DOE spokeswoman Marge Feinberg told the Post that when it comes to ensuring safety in schools, there is no panacea.

“We consider each school’s unique needs as we develop solutions to ensure that all of our students feel safe."