2005_11_dollarsign.jpgWe were just flipping through the latest issue of BusinessWeek, and came across their list of the top 50 Most Generous Philanthropists. What surprised us was how few were from New York City-- out of the fifty, we only counted four:

13. Michael Bloomberg-- education, health care, arts, and culture-- $733m lifetime giving

14. Veronica Atkins-- eradication of obesity and diabetes-- $500m lifetime giving

31. David Rockerfeller-- higher education, childhood development-- $500m lifetime giving

41. Sandy and Joan Weill-- arts, education-- $315m lifetime giving

Of course, we may have missed a few on the list, but come on-- there should definitely be more Gotham residents on this list. So we challenge you, Billionaire Gothamist readers: step up to the plate and open those wallets-- there are many deserving charities in town that could use your support.