Every one of you who somehow managed to miracle yourself out of bed and piled on shirts and pants and sweaters and raincoats and ventured out into the sick, hostile world this morning is a NEW YORK HERO. While it's true that the Showing Up Award isn't as highly coveted as the Brought In Fresh Donuts Award or the Refilled The Water Cooler Award, on a morning like this it really means something. Those of you who made it to work today deserve a gold medal. Unfortunately, the guy who was supposed to deliver the medals tragically drowned in one of those curbside slush lagoons. As a result, today's Attendance Award ceremony has been cancelled, please return to your workstation immediately.

It's a slushorama nightmare outside...beware! #yuck #slush #winter #puddles #nyc

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In addition to hazardous conditions caused by the bottomless slush sinkholes on every street corner, there's a thick layer of slush at least ten feet deep all over the place, coating the sidewalks like a foul winter demon's afterbirth. The freezing rain is blowing at just the right angle to slash at your soul, and the sun is just a fairy tale told to children to distract them from the bloodthirsty leviathans stalking the slush lagoons, hungry for fresh human flesh. They will feast tonight.


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Definitely wore the wrong shoes for today... #slush #nyc

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2.5 inches of snow fell in Central Park overnight, and today will be sleety and increasingly frigid, with temperatures dropping into the teens. If you haven't blocked all of your California "friends" on social media, please take a moment to do so.


On the bright side, mass transit has certainly been worse. Tommy "Track Attack" Prendergast made the trains run on time this morning, with the MTA proclaiming "good service" on most subway lines—with a few notable exceptions. Subway commuters faced delays on the 1 line due to a train with mechanical problems, there were delays on the 4 and 5 due to signal problems, and of course you've got your F train delays due to signal problems, always signal problems ha ha ha yer momma.

How was your commute? Please share your story in the comments. Disqus is a safe place and we are all here to listen and support each other.

Update 11:20 a.m.:Forget what we said about the subway running fairly well...