Yesterday was the first day back in class for millions of New York City public school kids, and while most used the day as an excuse to socialize, meet their new classmates and, uh, show off their tuxedos, it wasn't that way for all of them. Like poor Mamadou Barry, who was supposed to have his first day of pre-kindergarten at PS 289 in Crown Heights yesterday...except his mom accidentally put him on the wrong bus! Luckily, everything worked out in the end.

As the Post tells the story, the whole thing got figured out very quickly. Mamadou's mom, excited to have her boy start school, put him on the first school bus that pulled up outside their home and proudly waved goodbye. Great, right? Except five minutes later the actual bus for the three-year-old arrived and his mother went into total panic mode, immediately calling the police.

At the same time, the driver of the first bus had realized that the boy was not in the right place. So the driver brought the tyke to his proper school less than an hour late—where he was promptly picked up by the police and taken home. "I knew the police would find him," his mother told the tabloid. This feel-good story ending is definitely an improvement over the last time we heard about this sort of thing happening. Back in 2009, it was the school's fault for putting an autistic boy on the wrong bus, and his mother was pissed.