Tricky forecast today. Oh, there's not much going on, I just need to come up with enough filler so it looks like something's happening with the weather. The center of the big high pressure system has drifted eastward from Wisconsin to Michigan the past couple of days, which keeps us in the dry, mild weather. Hey, yesterday's low of 59 in Central Park was the first time in nearly two months that the temperature dropped below 60 degrees. In honor of Madonna's 55th birthday this afternoon's high will be in the low 80s under a few wispy cirrus clouds. Locations right along the coast might be cooler if a sea breeze develops.

For the weekend there's a storm brewing off the North Carolina coast. Our high pressure friend will keep that low well to our south but look for clouds to increase tomorrow and Sunday. There's an ever-so-slight chance a few sprinkles may fall on Sunday. Both days will see highs near 80 degrees.

As next week begins the high pressure system will move southeastward and out to sea. The southwesterly winds that follow will herald a return to warmer, more humid, weather. For not that looks like the mid 80s on Tuesday and possibly the upper 80s later in the week. The high moving out to sea will also prevent tropical depression Erin from getting anywhere near land next week.