Well, the long nightmare is over: 60 Minutes newsman Mike Wallace got an official apology from the Taxi and Limousine Commission, a few weeks after Wallace was unceremoniously handcuffed during an altercation with TLC inspectors. The inspectors had been questioning his driver while Wallace was picking up a meatloaf dinner, and when Wallace came out, it just became another entry in the wacky world when famous people run into the government, except this time it involved an eminence grise. Wallace will not sue the TLC. The moral of this story: You can be a crotchety 86 year-old (redundant, we know!) and have your meatloaf and eat it too!

In other newsmakers-in-the-news news, the AP reports that a Manhattan appeals court threw out a $25 million lawsuit against Maury Povich. A Texas teenager was suing Povish, saying she had been raped by a driver after appearing on his program.