Poor pretty boy Mark Sanchez. After a string of lucky wins followed by brutal losses, the Jets quarterback is facing the doubters, especially after coach Rex Ryan said he would bench him if needed. Yesterday, Sanchez said, "That’s always going to be Rex’s decision. It’s his prerogative. He says who the quarterback is. As long as it’s me, I’m playing my heart out for the team and I think the guys know that."

Still, he gave what ESPN called a "nervous laugh" during a press conference, where he also said, "It's a good challenge for me early in my career, where people might doubt, even in the building... It's a tough business now. You just have to be thick-skinned. You just need to be ready to play and I will."

The Jets face the Steelers on Sunday, and over the past three games, Sanchez has had only one touchdown—plus five interceptions and a 43% completion rate.