2006_03_02_manscaping.jpgThe Post totally has got its panties in a twist today over an article in the latest issue of the Midwood High School Argus (sadly, or luckily, a brief search turned up no web presence for the Argus) by a junior boy and a junior girl there. The article? "Personal Grooming Goes Down Under" a tongue-in-cheek look at "a problem most teenage males struggle with today:" Manscaping.

Specifically, pubic-manscaping.

"One junior boy called shaving his nether region 'fun,' saying he carves out 'hearts, lightning bolts or the Charlie Chaplin.'" (Cue the Post art department running for their stock Chaplin pics). But the column, which has raised few eyebrows but little else, isn't "all racy." It also had a warning from the school nurse on the dangers of putting cutting implements near your privates.

Honestly, though, we were a little let down by the Post on this one. This was a custom made for the tabs story and yet where were the fun pictures (Chaplin don't count), the funny phrases, the new words? Manscaping has been around forever! Jake, because he's Jake, suggested "girlweeding" but we think y'all can do better. Suggestions?

Photograph from Pam's House Blend.