One New York City parrot had an exciting weekend, and the NY Times recounts the tale of the red-tailed macaw. Seems it escaped from an office in Hell's Kitchen while its owner was vacationing, which left an employee's boyfriend, Frank Guido, on a wild bird chase for 26 hours. The paper reports back saying he pounced "from rooftop to windowsill to billboard, in sun and rain," trying to capture it. Finally, yesterday afternoon he trapped it on some scaffolding. The 55-year-old was left to capture the bird on his own because after calling the NYPD, FDNY and Animal Control... no one came to help. He told the Times, “They don’t help. Nobody cares.” The NYCACC suggests that if you lose your pet, you contact the closest shelter—but has no advice listed on their site for an escaped bird that you can't get your hands on. Maybe just take PETA's advice and don't get your hands dirty in the world of exotic animal trade.